Corona Cookbook: Beef Tacos

Easy Dinner for Four

By: - Jan 02, 2021

Tacos are an easy and fun, go-to option for a casual dinner.

The NY art historian, Patricia Hills, offers a sure fire version.

Beef Tacos Meat Mixture – feeds 4 people (12 hard taco shells; get a brand that has an opening)

Mix spices:

2 t minced dried onion

1 t salt (I added less)

1 t good chili powder (check ingredients.  Should be 100% chili powder; not have other things)

½ t cornstarch

½ t ground cumin

½ t red pepper flakes

¼ t cayenne

¼ t dried minced garlic. (I couldn’t find, so used one minced clove garlic cooked with meat)

¼ t oregano

Sauté medium heat: 1 lb. Butcher ground grass-fed beef for 7-10 min.

Add ½ C water

Add 1 Tablespoon good tomato paste

Add spices above


The meat mixture is just right for 12 tacos.

Add grated cheddar, grape tomatoes cut up and dash of Tabasco sauce

Optional:  avocado but there is usually not enough room.