• Coastal Wines from Chile

    Kalfu introduces two iconic wines

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Jul 08th, 2015

    Amazing wines from the coast of Chile, where the vineyards are only four miles from the ocean.

  • Blantyre in Lenox a World Class Destination

    Relais & Chateaux Rated

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Jul 28th, 2015

    Blantyre in our backyard, is only minutes from Tanglewood and the arts of the Berkshires. Rooms are beautiful and wine and gourmet food is affordable.

  • The historic Old Inn On The Green

    Ambiance at its Best in New Marlborough, Ma

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Jul 30th, 2015

    Candlelit dining, gourmet food and a historic presence make this unique New England Inn special in every way.

  • Lunch at Upscale Blantyre in Lenox

    A Surprisingly Affordable Special Treat

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Jul 31st, 2015

    Blantyre means elgance, old world charm and to most of us, perceived, high prices. Think again. Lunch with wine and sunset views with a glass or bottle of Port and a cheese plate won't set you back as much as you would expect.

  • Tanglewood's List of Vendors for Grand Tasting

    Aug. 15 International Wines Paired with Local Food

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Aug 14th, 2015

    The list of vendors for the 10th Annual Tanglewood Wine & Food Classic is part of the slide show. For foodies this is August 15 event is eagerly anticipated.

  • Tejo's Amazing Portuguese Wines

    Tejo Has 50,000 Acres of Vineyards

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Aug 23rd, 2015

    Tejo with its temperate southern Mediterranean climate has 50,000 acres of vineyards, 2800 hours of sunlight a year and less than 30 inches of rainfall each year with temperatures that average 60°F

  • Big E (Eastern Stats Exposition) in West Springfield

    Fun from September 18th through October 4th

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Sep 18th, 2015

    The Big E runs for 17 days, September 18 through October 4th, at its permanent location, the fairgrounds in West Springfield, Massachusetts. The fair is open from 8am to 10pm daily. The carnival midway hours are from 10am to 11pm. Admission is $15 for adults and $10 for children 6-12 years old.

  • World Tourism Day is Sunday, September 27th

    Visit wineries worldwide for free

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Sep 24th, 2015

    Why not take an impromptu vacation and visit a winery this Sunday. They will open their doors to you with free tours and tastings.

  • Newport Wine and Food Festival

    Historical Newport Hosts New England's Finest Event

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Sep 24th, 2015

    Newport, Rhode Island and the Mansions of Newport host New England's premier wine and food festival this weekend. Celebrity hosts, Martha Stewart ,Jacques Pepin, as well as Jacques Torres are just a few of the star filled foodie lineup. Over 400 wines will be poured this weekend, as well as two dozen top restaurants that will serve their specialties.

  • NY Pays d'Oc Wine Week Nov.2nd to 8th

    Exciting, dDverse Wines at Fair Prices

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Nov 02nd, 2015

    If you live in, visit or are near Manhattan, the Pays d'Oc IGP Wine Week takes place from November 2nd through November 8th. Quality wines made from international varieties exist from this sun swept Mediterranean outpost.

  • From Syria to Sonoma

    The Voyages of Elias Hanna

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Nov 05th, 2015

    Elias Hanna moved from Syria to America to further his education. Eventually, he was awarded a medical doctor degree and practiced during the Viet Nam war era. He never forgot the principles and values he grew up with, one being farming. This is the story of what evolved.

  • Mariano Di Paola of Argentina's Rutini Wines

    He Wants to Make Rutini a Household Name.

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Nov 07th, 2015

    Winemaker Mariaono Di Paola of Rutini Wines of Argentina was recently acknowledged as one of the top 30 winemakers in the world. Decanter magazine, a British publication, awarded Mr. Di Paola with this honor,

  • Vigne Surrau's Wines Sardinian style

    Old World Grapes meet New World Technology,

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Dec 28th, 2015

    Vigne Surrau is a relatively new producer that focuses on Sardinia's age old grapes to craft wine that is memorable of centuries before. Using state of the art technology, this small vineyard is gaining worldwide popularity.

  • Casa Abril Selections: Special Wines from Spain

    Alma de Vino and Casa Abril Coupage Debut in America

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Jan 06th, 2016

    Two great wines from Spain debut in America. Wine guru and personality, April Cullom selects two wines from Spain to begin her portfolio of wines. Casa Abril Coupage is from La Mancha and Alma de Abrilhails from the Ribera del Duero region.

  • Oyster Monday at Grand Central Oyster Bar

    Not Exactly, Red Grouper and Wine Complete the Meal

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Jan 12th, 2016

    Some days I think more about food than others. Today was one of those days. Oysters were on my mind. A bell went off in my head and said, "Well if you want oysters, there is no better place in Manhattan than the Grand Central Oyster Bar".

  • Terceira Island, the 'Gem' of the Azores

    Exploring the Azores

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Jan 20th, 2016

    Tereceira Island is one of nine islands that make up the archipelago of the Azorian islands. Located nine hundred miles west of Lisbon, the Azores are the closest European hamlet. Flying time from Boston is under five hours. This article introduces the islands and is the first of sever al reports.

  • Mug Shots on Wine Bottles

    Your Face on the Grape

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Jan 22nd, 2016

    As gimmicks go this one takes the cake. No, make that wine bottle.

  • Influential Winemaker Roberto Cipresso from La Fiorta

    Partners With Natalie Oliveros

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Feb 21st, 2016

    Famed winemaker Roberto Cipresso takes on Natalie Oliveros as a partner. Expansion of plots, new state of the art facilities and greater production are on the radar at La Fiorita.

  • Miner Family Wines Not Minor Wines

    Great Napa Vintages

    By: Philip S.Kampe - Feb 23rd, 2016

    From IT to wine, the journey of Dave Miner is a Napa Valley success story. It's a true family business.

  • Gagliole Tuscany's Wine Gem

    Blends Sangiovese Grapes with International Varieties

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Feb 26th, 2016

    Tuscany is known for beauty, cypress tress and wine. Gagliole is a boutique winery that excels with the Sangiovese grape.

  • The World's Highest Vineyard (10,207 feet)

    Argentina's Colome Releases Altura Maxima

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Mar 01st, 2016

    Colome, after ten years of production, finally releases, Altura Maxima 2012, a Malbec wine grown from the world's highest vineyard. This is a distinctive wine from Argentina.

  • Classic 'cult' wine, Conundrum Celebrates It's 25th Anniversary

    Charles Wagner, Sr. Is the Master Mixologist

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Mar 21st, 2016

    In the 1970s, co-founder of Caymus Vineyards, Charles Wagner, Sr., would mix white wines at the dinner table to create a blend that would pair with food. He used this concept to create Conundrum, a wine that was always different. I plan to serve it for the nine guests at our Easter dinner.

  • Tom Gore Sonoma Farmer Winemaker

    All About the Grape

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Mar 22nd, 2016

    Tom Gore, from Sonoma, California, learned about farming from his father. He took farming seriously, planted grapes and has become an authority on grape maturation.

  • Wine and Food Festival of New Paltz

    April 22nd to 24th at Mohonk Mountain House

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Mar 29th, 2016

    This is the third year of one of the best wine and food festivals on the Northeast. Over 700 wines will be poured, educational seminars will take place and chefs will entertain the audience. All at Mohonk Mountain House.

  • Strega, Campania's Most Famous Digestive

    Combines Over Seventy Herbs and Spices

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Mar 31st, 2016

    With a 150 year old recipe, the Alberti family tradition of distilling Strega is in full gear in 2016. Over 70 herbs and spices are used to make this digestive beverage.

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