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  • Eclipse Mill Artists, North Adams, Ma. 2020

    Projects during COVID-19: Impromptu and Airborne Transmission

    By: Astrid Hiemer - Aug 11th, 2020

    Artists everywhere are communicating and presenting work virtually that was conceived and created or executed this year, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Life and art had mostly moved from our physical to our virtual world. Artists at the Eclipse Mill have done the same. Here we present three projects, two 'real' and one online, just a slice of artistic work that's being created in 40 studios. 'IMPROMPTU' will become a virtual exhibition on August 15 and 'Airborne Transmission' has been installed as described below.

  • A Musical Wunderkind Joshua Turchin

    Teen Wows Audiences, Critics

    By: Aaron Krause - Aug 10th, 2020

    At age 13, Joshua Turchin has accomplished more than many performers do throughout their career. Joshua Turchin is now the youngest cast member, and only child, ever to perform in Forbidden Broadway’s 38-year history. The teen's award-winning musical, The Perfect Fit, is Broadway-bound

  • Lawrence Brownlee, Bel Canto

    National Sawdust Presents a Master

    By: Susan Hall - Aug 08th, 2020

    Lawrence Brownlee talked about music and our times with composers Helga Davis and Paola Prestini. The event was hosted by National Sawdust, an institution for our times, which is led by the super-energetic Prestini.

  • A Tale Of Two Chefs

    Pandemic Relief Online

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Aug 04th, 2020

    The pandemic has turned many us into food junkies, where online viewing of food shows is at a all time high. Travel show viewing is a close second. My family follows suit and have found two outstanding communicators to follow. This is my story about them.

  • Shaker Museum to Create Facility in Chatham, NY

    Selldorf Architects to Design $15 Million Project

    By: Shaker - Aug 03rd, 2020

    Housing its comprehensive collection of Shaker material, the new museum facility will embody Shaker values of inclusion, innovation and equality. $15 Million project is expected to break ground in 2021 and be completed in 2023.

  • Good Dog Foundation Provides Helping Dogs

    Berkshires Benefit from Canines

    By: Jessica Robinson - Aug 03rd, 2020

    The Good Dog Foundation: Helping Humans Heal For more than 30,000 years dogs have been providing companionship and loyalty to humans. No wonder they are called ‘man’s best friend.’ Residents of the Berkshires benefit from the Good Dog Foundation. It provides Certified Therapy Dog visits to Fairview Hospital in Great Barrington and Crossroads Center for Enrichment in Pittsfield.

  • Will Stage-Dooring Disappear

    Union Makes COVID Recommendations.

    By: Aaron Krause - Jul 31st, 2020

    Theatergoers may no longer be able to seek autographs after shows if union's recommendations are followed. The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees has drafted a 27-page document containing COVID-related safety guidelines for theaters. The union represents more than 150,000 members. They are employed in positions such as theatrical technicians and stagehands.

  • BSO Cancels Fall Season

    Winter 2021 Will Be Announced in December

    By: BSO - Jul 30th, 2020

    For the first time in its 139-year history, the Boston Symphony Orchestra will suspend its fall season of performances at Symphony Hall, September 16-November 28. Plans for winter programming will be announced in September,

  • Lawrence Brownlee and Friends

    Lyric Opera of Chicago Streams a Virtual Concert

    By: Susan Hall - Jul 28th, 2020

    Lawrence Brownlee is an ambassador of song. He is not only a great bel canto tenor, but also leader in discussions on our racial divide. Identifying as a descendant of Africans and a person of dark skin tone, he has mentored young singers and helped direct the conversation on race in the arts and in the world about us. Yet he does not like the designation of Ella Fitzgerald as part of Black Heritage, her position on a postage stamp. Rather he sees her as a great American singer. Blacks are part of a larger community, not self-segregated.

  • Bop Singer Annie Ross

    Recorded as Lambert, Hendricks & Ross

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jul 24th, 2020

    Among the elite and most innovative jazz vocalists of her generation, Annie Ross who died this week at 89, was born in a suitcase and traveled for the rest of her life. She is best know for recordings with the legendary Lambert, Hendricks & Ross.

  • An Ode To Cafe Boulud

    Writing Poetry on A Menu

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Jul 31st, 2020

    There are certain time in life you must express yourself-at the moment you feel the passion. This poem about Cafe Boulud was one of those creative moments.

  • The Weir by Conor McPherson

    Irish Repertory Theatre Screens Performance

    By: Susan Hall - Jul 27th, 2020

    The Irish Repertory Theatre has come up with the perfect play to stream. The Weir is a quintet, Four men living in a remote Irish country town are joined by a pretty woman from Dublin. Stories are told by four characters and the camera focuses on them during the telling. The scene broadens to include reactions. Sometimes Director Ciarán O’Reilly has an actor face the camera, deeply involving us in the drama.

  • North Adams Artist and Activist Phil Sellers

    With Gail They Ran River Hill Pottery

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jul 23rd, 2020

    This week we lost a neighbor and friend the artist/ activist Phil Sellers. He grew up in Ohio where he and his wife Gail Kolis Sellers launched a pottery business. They moved to North Adams to be with her family. Together they ran River Hill Pottery in the Eclipse Mill. The Sellers were involved in many arts and politcal activities. That entailed organizing artists to help oust long term mayor John Barrett,III. They became close friends with mayor Dick Alcombright who helped with their many public art projects.

  • Fred Plotkin: Renaissance Man

    Renowned Expert on Italian food and Opera

    By: Jessica Robinson - Jul 23rd, 2020

    Fred Plotkin notes: “I am not a singer or musician, yet my working life has a lot of similarities in that most of my income is derived from appearing in front of audiences in places of public assembly. People buy tickets to what I do so, of course, that means that all of my contracts, all of my speaking engagements, have been canceled until November.”

  • Amadeus Streamed by National Theatre

    What Salieri Saw in Mozart That Vienna Missed

    By: Susan Hall - Jul 21st, 2020

    Often it is suggested that Salieri was alone in his appreciation of Mozart. He saw immediately his extraordinary gifts. Enjoy Leonard Bernstein’s father’s response to a question about why he did not support his son’s musical aspirations. “I didn’t know Leonard Bernstein was Leonard Bernstein.” Viennese society did not know that Mozart was Mozart. No one did, xcept Antonio Salieri, writers’ observe, beginning with Puskin.

  • Virtual Summer Camp

    New Work by NAGA Artists

    By: NAGA - Jul 20th, 2020

    We have decided to put together a virtual group show that will run through August 29th. We wanted to show you what our artists are making right now and keep beautiful things in front of you until we (hopefully) come back for in-person exhibitions in the fall.

  • National Black Theatre Receives Its First Obie

    Company in Harlem since 1968

    By: Aaron Krause - Jul 20th, 2020

    The National Black Theatre (NBT) is one of the oldest Black theater companies in the country. It recently received its first Obie Award.The Obies recognize excellence Off-Broadway and Off, Off-Broadway. NBT's Obie comes after it received an Antonyo Award.

  • Michelin Star Cafe Boulud At Blantyre

    Blantyre Is a Berkshires Gilded Age Mansion

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Jul 19th, 2020

    Chef Daniel Boulud, a two star Michelin Chef at 'Daniel' in Manhattan has brought his crew to run his one star Michelin restauarant, 'Cafe Boulud' at the Gilded Age Mansion, Blantyre (Lenox, Massachusetts). The French inspired restaurant will remain open, Wednesday to Sunday, through mid-October.

  • Primus Prize Finalists Announced

    ATCA Administers the Award

    By: Aaron Krause - Jul 15th, 2020

    The American Theatre Critics Association has announced the finalists for the Primus Prize. Critics will announce the winner next month. There were 21 submissions. The three finalists explore the aftermath of violence.

  • National Theatre Streams Rattigan's Deep Blue Sea

    Helen McCrory Stars; Carrie Cracknell Directs

    By: Susan Hall - Jul 17th, 2020

    National Theatre at Home streams Deep Blue Sea by Terrence Rattigan and Amadeus by Peter Shaffer. Remarkable productions keep theaters live when their homes are shuttered.

  • Downton Abbey the Movie

    Sequel to PBS Series

    By: Jack Lyons - Jul 15th, 2020

    Just how successful was the popular TV series phenomena known as “Downton Abbey”? Mind boggling and totally entertaining and one of the most endearing and engagingly written Masterpiece Theatre/ BBC co-productions in the history of Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). It ran for six seasons with audiences clamoring for Julian Fellowes to write another season. He authored all 70 episodes of the series.

  • The Digital Stage from Festival d'Aix

    Boesmans, Stravinsky, Simon McBurney Under One Umbrella

    By: Susan Hall - Jul 12th, 2020

    Pinocchio and The Rake’s Progress, video recordings of performances at Aix, are now being offered. They continue on YouTube after the Digital Festival 2020 ends. The importance of Aix as a creator of new work and new productions is clear in these two works.

  • Corona Cookbook: Wiener Crown Roast

    A Culinary Classic

    By: Harry Bikes - Jul 14th, 2020

    For a fesive summer feast, that's fun for the whole faimily, try a Wiener Crown Roast. It has the eye appeal of a pricey crown roast but at just a fraction of the cost. With the proper boxed wine or cheap beer this is a meal fit for a king.

  • Photographer Joseph Podlesnik

    About Provisional Painting

    By: Martin Mugar - Jul 11th, 2020

    In photography and painting perspective has often been the main visual tool that connects the human presence to the here and now which becomes place. The image created by the handheld camera establishes ipso facto a tight bond via the picture plane on the back of the camera to the environment. If it is parallel to the subject matter or at an angle to it, the way the eye is moved by the image can be quite different.

  • Hungarian Cabernet Franc

    My Dad's Nickname Was 'Cab Franc'

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Jul 11th, 2020

    Everyone has a story to tell. Not all of us have wine stories. This is one about my Dad and why I went into the wine business.

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