• Intersectionality of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

    Elevated Threat Level of Fractus V at Jacob’s Pillow

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jul 15th, 2018

    The week of performances by the Belgian based company Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui/ Eastman featured a single work Fractus V (2015). In the spirit of intersectionality which informs the cutting edge of performance art it conflates the dance and musical traditions of its diverse members.

  • Onegin at American Ballet Theatre

    David Hallberg Returns

    By: Susan Hall - Jun 25th, 2017

    Coming to the American Ballet Theatre’s production of Onegin from a music and opera background, and a literary one as well, the advantages of dance are immediately apparent. This telling of the Onegin story is moving and beautiful to behold.

  • Trisha Brown This Summer in the Berkshires

    Jacob's Pillow and Clark Art Institute Collaborate

    By: Charles Giuliano - May 08th, 2017

    Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival has added two more opportunities for audiences to experience Trisha Brown Dance Company. Originally a five-performance run, August 16-19 in the Ted Shawn Theatre, the Pillow has added a Thursday matinee to the company’s schedule. Members of Trisha Brown Dance Company will also perform the site-specific work Trisha Brown: In Plain Site at the Clark Art Institute on Sunday, August 13, a co-presentation of Jacob’s Pillow Dance and the Clark.

  • A Length of Rope at The Muse

    Brooklyn's Home for Circus and Immersive Events

    By: Susan Hall - May 02nd, 2017

    The Muse is a special place in Brooklyn. Angela Buccini founded the space for artists to develop projects and then present them. A Length of Rope features Ariel Schmidtke joined by Strangely, & Above and Beyond Dance on May 5 at 8pm.

  • Trident Gallery in Gloucester

    Bringing Relevant Art Back to Cape Ann

    By: Charles Giuliano - Apr 30th, 2017

    During the 19th Century and era of modernism Cape Ann was home to leading American artists. That faded in the post war era leaving a mostly tacky, conservative, artist colony. Several years ago Matthew Swift launched Trident Gallery as a matrix for Gloucester's best and brightest contemporary artists. While visiting we attended the closing party and special performances of the provocative exhibition The Political Body.

  • Mark Morris: Two Operas

    An Evening of Britten and Purcell

    By: Susan Hall - Mar 16th, 2017

    Mark Morris does not leave not-well-enough alone. He enlivens Benjamin Britten's Curlew River with instruments on stage as they would be in the Noh drama on which this opera is based. He places the singers in the pit for Henry Purcell's Dido and Aeneas. On stage, dancers enact the roles to entrance and also enhance the music. Morris conducts, directs, conceives and pleases along the way.

  • Dorrance Dazzles at the Guggenheim

    Bringing the Art of Tap Dance to a Museum

    By: Deborah Heineman - Feb 19th, 2017

    Michelle Dorrance proves once again that the “Genius” award she received in 2015 for her tap-dancing brilliance (the same year as Lin-Manuel Miranda received his for “Hamilton”) is abundantly deserved!

  • Jacob's Pillow 2017

    Schedule for 85th Season in Becket

    By: Pillow - Dec 14th, 2016

    Following the critical acclaim and record-breaking attendance of Festival 2016, Jacob’s Pillow Dance announces its 85th Anniversary Season of exciting programming featuring world premieres, commissions, site-specific work, international artists, live music, and Pillow-exclusive engagements. Running June 21-August 27, Festival 2017 marks a notable moment in the history of the organization, with the first season programmed by Jacob’s Pillow Director Pamela Tatge who joined the organization in April of 2016.

  • Mark Morris Cracks the Nut

    Christmas Traditions Celebrated at BAM

    By: Susan Hall - Dec 11th, 2016

    Mark Morris' The Hard Nut is a Christmas tradition at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. It is easy to see why. Morris is true to E.T. A. Hofman's story and also the Tchaikovsky score. Bringing smiles to the audience, punctuated by fear, delight and humor Morris's Nut is terrific.

  • First Night Saratoga 2017

    New Years Eve celebration of the Arts

    First Night Saratoga 2017
    By: Chris Buchanan - Dec 01st, 2016

    First Night is the most affordable, accessible, family-friendly, safe and exciting way to spend New Year's Eve in the region. On Saturday, December 31st join over 15,000 revelers as Saratoga Art’s presents one of the oldest and largest First Night celebrations in the country. Starting with the 5k roadrace at Skidmore College at 5:30pm, culminating with fireworks in Congress Park at midnight and packed full of live music, dance, comedy and magic in between, this event will be a highlight of your outgoing year.

  • NY City Ballet Presents Fashion

    Walker Joins Jason Wu and Thomas Kitko

    By: Susan Hall - Sep 22nd, 2016

    Inspired by the presence of Fashion Week in Lincoln Center, the New York City Ballet inaugurated a Fall Fashion Gala. Fashion Week was kicked out of the arts center by the New York City Parks Department, complaining among other issues about the number of spike heels. Although the event left, the Fashion Gala continues. A wonderful case is made for the use of high fashion costumes in ballet.

  • '62 Center at Williams Announces Its Program

    Launching Twelth Season

    By: Williams - Sep 16th, 2016

    The ’62 Center for Theatre and Dance unveiled its twelfth season of diverse and challenging theatre and dance programming for the Williams College community and beyond.

  • Mark Morris Dance at Mostly Mozart

    Morris Paints Notes in Dance

    By: Susan Hall - Aug 27th, 2016

    Mark Morris is billed as a musician, and has, in fact, been music director of the Ojai Festival. He is clearly a musicians’ musician and knows as much about music as most professionals. His main gig is choreography. He insists on using live ‘bands,’ in this case, the Mostly Mozart Orchestra. Morris channels Mozart's notes in surprising and apt movements.

  • Mark Morris at Tanglewood

    Celebrating Composer Lou Harrison

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jun 29th, 2017

    For what has evolved into an annual Tanglewood visit the Mark Morris Dance Group presented Lou 100: In Honor of the Divine Mr. Harrison. There were four sections the first of which dated to 1993. The fourth, Numerator, for six male dancers is having its world premiere. The four pieces are set to music by Lou Harrison, a deceased friend and associate of the choreographer, marking the hundredth year since his birth.

  • Tap Program at Jacob's Pillow Dance

    Curated by Michelle Dorrance

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jul 03rd, 2017

    Since a debut for Inside Out the free alfresco program Mi\chelle Dorrance and her company have appeared for times at Jacob's Pillow Dance. This time she was a two-week resident in a summit meeting of established and emerging tap dancers. The highlight of this event was an invitation to curate Tireless: A Tap Dance Experience. It introduced us to emerging as well as under-recognized tap performers. They were accompanied by astonishing jazz musicians.

  • Jessica Lang Dance

    Annual Visit to Jacob's Pillow Dance

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jul 10th, 2017

    The stage designs, lighting and props for Jessica Land Dance evoked a particular invention of abstract art. The now established company, founded in 2011, makes annual visits to Pillow this time on the main stage of Ted Shawn Theatre. The dance is varied, fresh and inventive.

  • Four Quartets Danced at Bard

    Tamowitz, Saariaho and Marden Capture the Still Point

    By: Susan Hall - Jul 09th, 2018

    Bard's Summerscape, ever brave, captures extraordinary moments in poet T.S. Eliot's masterwork, Four Quartets. The words the poet so clearly relishes in his own reading now dance before our eyes like searing moments at the still point. Choreographer Pam Tanowitz, composer Kaija Saariaho and painter Brice Marden join forces at the Fisher Center in Annandale.

  • Batsheva — The Young Ensemble at Jacob's Pillow

    Audience Insulted by Naharin’s Virus

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jul 09th, 2018

    With a combination of theatre of nihilism, taunts and insults the audience at Jacob's Pillow endured a riveting performance by Israel's Batsheva — The Young Ensemble. There was a single, hour long piece “Naharin’s Virus” (2001). It was choreographed by soon to retire artistic director Ohad Naharin. Like an ersatz Stockholm Syndrome experience the audience perhaps too politely thanked their tormentors for the assault on their sense.

  • Pilobolus at Jacob’s Pillow

    Taking Nature Back Inside

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jun 29th, 2018

    Recalling seeing Pilobolus over the years one readily recognized its DNA but with the realization of how it has evolved and remained fresh. Just when you think that you know what Pilobolus is about, with a tool kit and vetted skill set, they do something different. You are challenged to revise and update assumptions as an audience or critic.

  • Twist's Symphonie Fantastique at HERE

    O'Riley's Liszt and Anniversaries Galore

    By: Susan Hall - Apr 06th, 2018

    It's Berlioz. It's puppets. It's a supershow. The twentieth anniversary production of Basil Twist's remarkable Symphonie Fantastique is at the ever enterprising and surprising HERE in New York. Christopher O'Riley performs Liszt's piano transcription of Berlioz's love letter/nightmare. Twist performs his magic in an aquarium filled with 1,000 gallons of water.

  • Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival 2018

    Conflating Old and New in Becket

    By: Pillow - Dec 13th, 2017

    International companies will travel to Becket, Massachusetts, from Denmark, Israel, Belgium, Australia, France, Spain, and Scotland. Notably, representation from across the United States ranges from New York City, Minneapolis, and Houston to Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Chicago, among others.

  • Principles of Uncertainty at BAM

    John Heginbotham and Maira Kalman

    By: Susan Hall - Sep 29th, 2017

    John Heginbotham of DH Dance wanted to work with Maira Kalman after he read her books. They walked together, drank coffee, talked and decided they'd like to do something. They had no idea what. Jacob's Pillow premiered the result in August. Now it is playing at BAM in Brooklyn.

  • Jacob's Pillow Launches Year-round Programming

    Residencies and Public Events

    By: Charles Giuliano - Sep 29th, 2017

    After celebrating its record-breaking 85th Anniversary Season, Jacob’s Pillow announces new, expanded fall, winter, and spring programming as a main component of Vision ‘22, a strategic approach to the Pillow’s transformation into a year-round center for dance research and development and a civic partner in our region.

  • MAGMA Opens in Gloucester

    Dance Program of Sarah Slifer Swift

    By: Charles Giuliano - Aug 29th, 2017

    To launch Sareah Slifer Swft's Movement Art Gloucester MA (MAGMA) there were popup performances as well as card triks by her adolescent son Seamus. It was a fun way to christen a great space for dance and the performing arts.

  • Trisha Brown Dance Company

    Triumphant Return to Jacob’s Pillow

    By: Charles Giuliano - Aug 18th, 2017

    Trisha Brown was a founder of Judson Dance Theatre and was an influence on following generations of dancers exploring post modernism and pure movement. Dhe died in March at 80. This week the company has performed at Jacob's Pillow Dance with works tom 1980 to 2009.

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