Maison Henri Giraud

World Heritage Site

By: - Jun 14, 2023

Maison Henri Giraud has never ceased exploring its Aÿ Grand Cru terroir, now classified as a World Heritage Site. Constantly learning and striving to improve its work every day is second nature on the estate, firmly rooted in its three mainstays: Pinot Noir, Aÿ Grand Cru and vinification in small barrels made with oak from the Argonne Forest. The many cuvees that result from this approach can not all be released for sale : many are kept in the HG Private Collection. For example, in the years 2010 to 2015, Sébastien Le Golvet - HG cellar master - worked on vinification in ovoid-shaped vats, built using the proportions of the “Golden Ratio”. Only one cuvée was included in the HG range – a rosé. The others joined the ranks of the “forgotten ones” that reside in HG cellars.

With DP12 (DP for Divine Proportion), HG presents the first and unique Aÿ vinified in two ovoid vats of 582 liters each, for 388 magnums and 194 jeroboams of DP12-AŸ. It is a typical Aÿ Pinot Noir (called “le petit doré”), based on the 2012 harvest, from the lower slope of an historic parcel belonging to the family that has been in Aÿ since the 17th century: the Valnons.

Sébastien Le Golvet : "With the 2012 vintage, I found the purity and delicacy of the vinification in eggs absolutely stunning, so I decided to add the power of our perpetual reserve (in the barrel). I did this on a scale of the divine proportion (1,618) to respect the original philosophy of this DP cuvée. And the result is simply Divine."

HG asked two renowned goldsmiths to work on the theme of the 'Divine Proportion': the 'Golden Ratio' used in the construction of the eggs and also adhered to for the blend. The first, Uwe Schaefer, a long-standing partner, created a unique decoration for the bottle using polychromatic gold foil inspired by the Fibonacci number sequence, embodying the extraordinary complexity of this wine and its divine harmony. The second, Laurent Barateau, who comes from a long line of goldsmith jewelers in the “Coronation City” of Reims, created its crowning glory: the original “Henri Giraud” clasp in 18 carat solid gold engraved with an ammonite and extended by a discreet loop that enables this unique jewel to be worn.

HG has partnered with WineChain, the world’s first NFT marketplace for fine wines, to release exclusively the first 5 magnums (numbered 002 to 006, as number 001 was already acquired by one of Asia's leading art collectors) of this rare DP12 Cuvée. Drop starts today on

Henri Giraud is a family-owned Champagne House located in Aÿ-Champagne since the 17th century. It combines a unique viticultural heritage, rooted in exceptional Champagne terroirs where Pinot Noir reigns supreme, with remarkable expertise in blending and aging, making it one of the most amazing players in Champagne. The House is closely tied to its terroir, forging its own path away from trends, and for over a dozen generations has been committed to elevating the reputation of its cuvées, persistently proving that great sparkling wines are not just for celebratory bubbles, but are authentic gastronomic wines that gracefully defy time.