Huang Ruo's Angel Island

A Timely Contemporary Opera on Immigration

By: - Jan 07, 2024

Huang Ruo, who searches for the Asian American voice and translates it for an audience of Asian Americans and all other Americans too, will present the New York premiere of his vocal theater work. Angel Island, at the Harvey Theater at BAM on January 11, 12 and 13.  It is part of the Protopype Festival, now celebrating its 11th anniversary. 

The Harvey is a perfect venue for Angel Island. There is no pit. Music comes directly to the audience from the stage, delivered by the Trinity Choir, singing both as a group and solo. They are accompanied by the Del Sol Quartet. The composer conducts. 

Visuals created by the master filmmaker Bill Morrison take us to Angel Island, the largest island in the San Francisco Bay and the west coast version of an Ellis Island for immigrants from Asia.

The United States has a complex history of admitting people from other countries. The history of slaves importted from Africa is most familiar. Today, Caribbean, Mexican and Latin American immigrants crossing borders in California, Texas and Florida have our captured attention. Dreams of life in this country dazzle. The journey does not.

What of the so-called model immigrants from Asia?  Learn about them and enjoy this compelling production at the Harvey Theater. 

Think you know opera?  All its elements are present, but they often stand on their collective heads.  Intriguing drama January 11-13.   Tickets here.