VERY Mounts Death Show

Artist Run Boston Gallery

By: - Jan 09, 2023

59 Wareham Street, Boston, MA 02118
Hours: Saturdays from 1 - 5pm, by appointment or chance.  
Founder & Director  John Guthrie

VERY is pleased to begin the winter season with Death Show, a special compilation exploring how death reveals itself as both an unspoken subtext and conscious motif in the work of ten artists. Employing diverse mediums, these artists express the material and existential implications of the force that affects all.

From Charles Suggs’ haunting portraits conjured from memory and smoke to shards of glass delicately stitched together in a sculpture by Audrey Goldstein to the soundless finality of Bill Ciccariello’s nature mortes, this community exhibition finds encompassing beauty in death’s constant and generative presence.

 Death Show will feature works by Gerry Bergstein, Bill Ciccariello, Candice Smith Corby, Tory Fair, Audrey Goldstein, Michael Guran, Arthur Henderson, Karen Moss, Cheryl Schainfeld, and Charles Suggs. 

Our opening reception will be on Saturday, January 14th at VERY from 6 - 10pm. The exhibition will be on view January 14 - February 11 with gallery hours on Saturdays from 1 - 5pm or by appointment. 

VERY is an artist-run contemporary art gallery and exhibition space in Boston. Our vision is to support local artists by providing a versatile space that encourages site-specific works, artistic progression, and multi-disciplinary approaches. Our main goal is to “slow down for art”— that is, to be present with the work we show and invite guests to converse, connect, and stay a while. The majority of artists who we exhibit live and work in the Boston area. Some have traveled from other parts of New England and New York to show work specifically at VERY. We feel lucky to share art among an expanding community of artists, writers, makers, and creatives of all kinds.