Elevator Flirt

Beauty and the Beasts

By: - Jan 10, 2015

Elevator Flirt
She stepped in slowly, the door squeezed shut,
Nearly nipping her handsome butt.
A lovely lady in a lion’s den
Of balding, chubby, aging men.
A youthful beauty, head to toe,
And each old man began to grow,
As bent spines straightened and guts sucked in,
With jutting jaws over double chins.
The car began its quick ascent,
As did the pulse of every gent.
To be so close to such a beauty,
With her bonny bosom and high-slung booty.
As each new floor went whizzing by,
She knew she’d captured every guy.
Imaginations all ran wild,
While stealing glances at her subtle smile.
She finally got off at the eighteenth floor,
And as she glided out the door,
She gave them all just a little wiggle,
And broke their hearts with her mocking giggle.