Wooden Items

A Cone of One's Own

By: - Jan 22, 2016

Wooden Items

The day the neighbor's
old wooden spike top
fence blew down
in that big wind
he come cross the street
see whether he might borrow
that orange cone
we used last summer
to warn off fast drivers
there was children
Well seems the city
had done some work
and picked up our cone
with their own
He did find a lobster pot buoy
was bright orange
and so used it
to warn the drivers
the fence was down

Study the depth of snow
in footprints
on the back steps
See whether the wind
knocks it off the trees
How high is it
on the barrel tops?
And note some slid
off the little mountain
covering the Amesbury
bringing to mind
the ice in the white dory
encasing the bucket
which was to bail it
so she could be overturned
during winter time

Solid gray sky begins
becomes lights
and darks
toward curling
becomes clouds
then bits of blue