Side By Side  

Curators, Sharon Carson and Betty Vera

By: - Feb 21, 2022

Side By Side ~ Curated by Sharon Carson and Betty Vera
Outside of Eclipse Mill Gallery, 243 Union Street, North Adams, MA, 1st Floor

Current participants in numerical order: Sharon Carson, Cory Buckwalter, Robert Rendo, Catherine Dunning, Alex Baker, Sarah Sutro, Opie O’Brien, Astrid Hiemer, Ed Carson, Jim Bechtel, Joanna Klain, Linda O’Brien, Mieke Kohl, Sue Ann Connaughton, Diane Sawyer, Wendell Beavers/Erika Berland, Betty Vera, Michelle Wiley, Michael Connaughton, Ralph Brill.

Sharon asked me whether Charles would consider
Writing about Side By Side.

She was not interested in an article by me -
Of course!

She’s not shy or diplomatic
So, I said: ‘Probably not!’ And a while later: ‘Perhaps I’ll write – I’ll see.’

It’s the first time that I participated in this ‘in-house’ show   
Right outside on the Eclipse Gallery wall.

The curators installed a metal plate, divided in
10 = 8” x 8” squares and 5 rows down.

It was really a smart idea by Betty and Sharon
Now in its third generation.

They launched it in early 2021 during Covid-19.
This is the first time that I took part.

During our conversation Sharon thanked me
For my participation. (All’s O.K.)

I had been too preoccupied with our stressful lives before.
So, I was glad to contribute this time:

21 neighbors submitted 1 or 2 pieces.
Michelle’s actually reads:

‘Piece complete when stolen.’
Well, the last time around,

Ariel’s real size egg that was attached to a magnet
Disappeared for a while!

A perfect mini Ready Made - O, he was unhappy!
Otherwise we’ve not had any incidents.

There are 2-and-3-dimensional works:
Photographs, works on paper/watercolors, tie-dies, poems, paper cut-outs,

A photo-fan, collages, and multi-media objects -
All quite inventive!

The series will continue, I was told,
Until the community stops participating – makes sense!

Side By Side, provides here on the first floor at the Eclipse Mill
A wealth of small enchantments.

Let’s wait and see!   And see - come see.