Michael McGrath to Teach at Williams College

Living a Daoist Life in Today’s World

By: - Mar 11, 2022

I am pleased to announce that I have joined Williams College as a Wellness Teacher for the second semester of the school year, offering a course in Living a Daoist Life in Today’s World that will include the philosophy behind a Daoist Longevity Practice of daily meditation, qigong and taiji, as well as instruction in each of these disciplines.


It’s an honor to join Williams College, and I am grateful for the opportunity to expand my teaching.  At the present time, Blue Heron Stillness School has 15 students who come to individual classes each week in the cold and snow, and there is a waiting list for the spring and summer course I will be offering.  News about that course will be posted shortly on the Blue Heron Stillness website.

The Williams College course is a once weekly 90-minute class, and I have been asked to consider a second course in the fall.

If you are interested in studying with me for the spring and summer course, please contact me here: