So Sad, So Sad, Indeed

By: - Mar 12, 2022

So Sad, So Sad, Indeed


The heft of Buddhist teaching

Connect us all together,

We ask not “How May I Help You,”

And don’t consider whether.


Instead we ditch the I and You

Because it’s always we

Instead we say so simply

“How help?” Now do you see?


It’s something long forgotten

In this day of cancel culture.

We’re more concerned devouring all,

Behaving like the vulture.


To ravage is to win it all

And winning is the thing

Important more than being right

Thus claiming to be king.


Today there’s words we can not say

And books we can not read.

Imagine that, you poets past,

So sad, so sad, indeed.


Hospitals with patients full,

Kids and pregnant moms

The victims are the ones called thug 

By foolish little dumbs.


The ocean’s rise will sink us all

And storms will ruin crops.

Full steam ahead we hear them shout

The asshole craven fops.


The truth is fluid in its use

No longer fixed and duly.

The whites are called the good and just

The blacks are called unruly.


  1. Scott reminds the rich are different

Hear them cry their need.

The poor are left to hunger 

So sad, so sad, indeed.


As I come near my end of time

And disengage life’s pace

Can’t help but worry for my kids

The madness they will face.


The world is crumbling mightily

And war is given short

If you don’t see a problem dire

You’re moored in batshit port.


The crazies all surround us

A gun-fueled lie-filled breed

They’ll shoot you dead for being right

So sad, so sad, indeed.


I still cannot be certain 

Of the when and how this came.

Why just last week it seemed so sane

The differences so tame.


Or maybe I’m the one at fault

I turned my eyes away

Refused to see it coming

And failed to hold at bay.


These times are not the ones I saw

When I was young and growing

Better days would lie ahead

I grew up with that knowing.


But now I think the tipping point

On all things needing heed

Are reached and passed beyond our hope

So sad, so sad, indeed.


A civil war is coming soon

Perhaps already here.

The world is going all to hell

There’s just so much to fear.


Good men get shouted down to ground

By foolish little Renfields

Who care not for the right or wrong

Just all the norms repealed.


I hope it’s not too late right now

To wield our weapon’s might

To hold on to the true and just

And give them hella fight.


As awful as this sounds right now

Our strength is what we need.

Or else we say goodbye to peace

So sad, so sad, indeed.