Stephanie Boyd and Jane Hudson

Double Header at Spring Street in Williamstown

By: - Mar 12, 2023

When I met Jane Hudson in the 1960s she was teaching English at Lexington High School and writing poetry.

There was a marriage and career change when she and Jeff Hudson taught at the Museum School and moonlighted as punk rockers. I went to lots of their gigs but missed when The Rentals opened for The Clash in Harvard Square. Their recordings have a global cult following.

When they moved to the Berkshires some years ago the gigs fell off. There isn't much of a club scene hereabouts. But they rocked at MASS MoCA. Astrid danced with then director Joe Thompson.

Yet again Jane morphed. This time into an amazingly productive abstract artist. The works on paper have a geometric bias with occasional aspects of figuration. There are mandala configurations and aspects of visual ordering of other worldly evocations. More often the intricate designs derive from and reflect conjuring, cavorting about while flexing the chakras.

Ground Control to Major Tom
Ground Control to Major Tom
Take your protein pills and put your helmet on

She exhibits prolifically this time with Stephanie Boyd.

Spring Street Market and Cafe
66 Spring Street, Williamstown
Vernissage April 8, 2:30 to 4 PM

Artist Statements

Jane Hudson

The circle has been a dominant form in my work. Whether as a geometric anchor or a spiritual icon, it carries many layers of meaning for me. Over the past couple of years the circle has morphed into a sphere, becoming a surrogate entering into an energy realm. There have been a few iterations of this motif, and the current exhibition explores a dynamic psychological, even astral field wherein the ‘orb’ is disrupted by shards of color. This disruption occurs in the work as it did around the election. Personal as well as societal changes brought me to consider how our energy field is impacted. These paintings explore that shifting curve of the torus aura as it effects everything including the Earth and the cosmos. 

 Instagram: @antiquergirl

Stephanie Boyd

I am intrigued by the sensuality and meditative nature of mark making. The repetitive, multitudinous strokes of the nib pen reflect the many tiny seemingly inconsequential actions of our lives.   This current collection attempts to create tensions through various explorations of line and form: large solid objects versus the repetitive fine marks, seemingly heavy objects balanced on smaller forms, tiny spheres encapsulated inside layered spaces, oversized organic blooms.   These drawings invite the viewer to consider -  the importances of tenuous connections, whether a protective embrace is supportive or constraining, and the tiny interactions that together create something grander.

Instagram: stephanieboyddraws