Fast Eddy Reports from Indianapolis

On the Road with Our Peripatetic Critic

By: - Mar 19, 2013


Having just returned from Paris our peripatetic critic and correspondent Edward Rubin reports from Indianapolis where we will soon join him. There is a gathering of the American Theatre Critics Association with an intense program and in depth reports to follow.

What appears below is an e mail typical of those which Rubin regularly dashes off to friends and colleagues. While he also writes reviews for many American and global publications and websites these spontaneous missives reflect his other persona, Fast Eddy, the witty, delicious raconteur.

As an editor I have prevailed on him to develop further this aspect of his style. It is closer to his always hilarious conversations. His enthusiasm for food, travel, ambiance and the company of friends is truly contagious. It makes us want to be there to enjoy the rich food, exotic cocktails, days of museums,  and nights of theatre.  

Here goes. You decide.

I am sitting in the Conrad Hotel's Capital Grill having a fabulous cup of coffee, writing in my journal, and soon will be enjoying a delicious breakfast. 

In answer to your question when do I come back to NYC, well, God Willing, I will be walking into my apartment Monday, March 25 around 3:30 PM.

I must tell you that the suite on the 17th floor that the hotel gave me is much much larger and plush than my apartment and it has 2 bathrooms. The foyer, the living room and the bedroom are huge. I will be at this hotel for 2 days and then move over to another plush hotel at my request as I wanted to experience 2 different hotels. 

Last night I supped with Christine a very pretty and very young girl who works for the Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Bureau.

We went to a sleek, food inventive restaurant. I started off with a drink called La Mula composed of Sombra Mescal, Jalapeno, House Jalapeno Lime Syrup, Bittermans Hellfire Bitter and Ginger Beer.

Then it was 2 small tapas like dishes. Corn Macaroon with pork belly, smoked cheddar, and arugula, and cauliflower frites with parsnip, cherry, and garlic.

This was followed by a Bitter Greens salad comprised of citrus vinaigrette, beet puree, almond crumble, goat cheese and sweet carrot.

My main dish was Pork Porterhouse, with Brussel Sprouts, caramelized onion vinaigrette, scallion, and a small wedge of corn bread. The dessert  was a scoop of olive oil ice cream, and burnt oat ice cream, both unusually delicious.

So, this was my welcome to Indianapolis. Today begins my whirlwind tour of the city which I was told is 2nd only to Washington DC in the number of monuments it has.

The whole week is to be filled with museums, plays, and a million other Indianapolis sites. Plus an ATCA (Amercian Theatre Critics Association) conference with a couple of board meetings.

The city is happy to have me here and I am happy to experience the 12th largest city in the US.

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