Jazz Diva Sarah Vaughan

Sassy to the Maxy

By: - Mar 21, 2016

Sarah Vaughan

Another talent night
Harlem's iconic
Apollo Theater
Sarah Vaughan won
Ten bucks
Plus opening for Ella
In 1943
Friends and rivals
From then on
Big band era
Matter of taste
Three jazz divas
Billie, Ella and Sarah
They called her Sassy
Unique style
Remarkable range
Impeccable swing
Perfect timing
Full of feeling
Early on
Slender and sexy
Sustained vibrato
Working the guts
Out of songs
Misty to
Send in the Clowns
Music for lovers
Duets with Eckstein
Utter classics
Often however
Over produced
Mercury Records
In the '50s
Swamped by strings
Too commercial
They all did
Billie to Dizzy
Even Bird
Later on
When I caught her
Festival circuit
Matronly by then
Pure jazz
Ripping through
Audiences riveted
By her passion
Making her for some
Number one