WGBH DJ Ron Della Chiesa

Boogie Nights

By: - Apr 03, 2016

DJ Ron Della Chiesa

Spinning platters
Weaving tales
Guest of DJ
Ron Della Chiesa
Music America
Hanging out
Boogie nights
Lulu White's
Scarfing up
Willard Chandler's
Tasty gumbo
Digging the sounds
When jazz abounded
Best of Beantown
Fenton Hollander's
Harbor cruises
Making waves
Up at Sandy's
Far frontier
Of hipness
In Beverly
After legendary
Lennie's on the Turnpike
Went up in smoke
That gonzo scene
In Cambridge
With bon vivant
Martin Slobodkin
Out there man
Ask Ron about it
Started with
Wacko owner
Pioneer of FM
T. Mitchell Hastings
Program director
Organized playlist
Fast, medium, slow
That didn't work
Then all religious
Before the station
Famously went
Total rock
By then Ron
When late
Robert J. Lurtsema
Called Ron
Instructions to
Start the birds
Perhaps this summer
We'll catch up at
Newport or Tanglewood
The cat still swings
Remembering when
Jazz was king