Ellen Reid Wins Pulitzer for Prism

Composer's Generosity of Spirit and Notes

By: - Apr 16, 2019

Ellen Reid has been a hot item this year.  Four venues in Los Angeles commissioned work from her.  Now Prism, a Beth Morrison production, has won the Pulitzer prize for music.  We wandered her soundscape in Omaha created for her by Opera Omaha at the Josyln Art Museum. 

There is a composer Ellen Reid and a sound artist Ellen Reid. Both can be wonderfully present in her work. She writes notes as a composer would, but her notion of a soundscape has to do with how a listener received the sounds.  She is a superb collaborator and takes a position quite unlike opera composer's past, who were front and forward in their work.

"...everything's in response to everything else and so even if I think I'm doing this by myself, I'm not..."  Some parts may have more weight than others, but they are not more important.  

James Darrah, Opera Omaha's One Festival Artistic Director and Curator, directed Prism.  

Here is some of Reid's music for Prism.

International Contemporary Ensemble performing Run.

Our review of Prism.