Brian Jewett’s Unique Baskets

Warp and Woof

By: - Apr 20, 2013

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The Vermont-based, basket maker, Brian Jewett, sent images of recent designs which he was about to send to Snyderman-Works Gallery in Philadelphia.

Some time ago Brian and Leanne were neighbors in the Eclipse Mill in North Adams. They departed to build a dream house in the woods.

Originally we were fascinated by his Ticket Bowls, created by forming unwound rolls of generic tickets over a round form then fixed with resin. He also made Movie Bowls with rolls of surplus film.

That was our first acquisition. Subsequently he has ceased producing them.

He turned to experimenting with plastic ties.This inspired us to commission a pair which he designed to function as a chandelier over our dining room table.

In seemed to take him forever to complete the project. It became a running gag to ask if he was nearing its completion.

Seems that it was far more labor intensive than he had anticipated.

As a gentleman he stuck to the original price. I think he ended up making something like minimum wage.

Eventually it was installed by Brian and hooked up by Pete the electrician.

It functions perfectly with dimmers to enhance the mood of our dining area. And is a conversation piece with first time guests.

It is a pleasure to share this unique work with our readers.