Guggenheim Installs Golden Potty

All That Glitters Is Not Art

By: - Apr 22, 2016

Crap Shoot

End of the rainbow
Not pot of gold
Installed at
Guggenheim Museum
Sex in the City
Golden Potty
For  upscale
New Yorkers
Who give a crap
Sitting on
The throne
Ersatz royals
Artist Maurizio Cattelan
One upping
Duchamp's seminal
Dada statement
Urinal signed
R. Mutt, 1917
Caused a scandal
Avant-garde trickster
Such an effort
Taking gag
One step further
Age of excess
Not noted for
More is more
Current mantra
Like that other
Con artist
Britain's Damien Hirst
Yesterday's newspaper
Scull encrusted
With diamonds
Decadent work
For collectors
Who have everything
Worth its weight
In carats
Dead man