Max's Kansas City

Steak, Lobester, Chic Peas and Stars

By: - Apr 26, 2015



Near Union Square
Mickey Ruskin’s
Max’s Kansas City
Steak, Lobster, Chick Peas
Summers on the dole
Off season
Galleries closed
City quiet and empty
The rich in the Hamptons
Happy hour
Nursing sour white wine
Feasting on chicken wings
Dinner many a night
Seventy five cents
Ringside seat
Floor show
Sweeping in
Brice Barden ersatz Byronesque
With lovely Helen
Candy and Andy
Back room
Under the fluorescent Flavin
Bar tabs
Settled with works
Artist hangout
Bridge Tunnel
Banging at the gates
Rarely admitted
Mickey at the door
Ragged and tattered
Looking generic
Waving in regulars
Ropes for dopes
Rene Ricard
Dancing on tables
Before Valerie shot Andy
Factory nearby
Walking home
Full and entertained