Odd Odyssey

Fork in the Road

By: - Apr 28, 2017


What’s to be done
Hard to say
We wake and work
Day by day
Mostly for others
Perhaps drudgery
The lucky ones
Artists and thinkers
Joy of self
Exquisite indulgence
Arguably the hardest
So difficult to define
Limitless imagination
Unchartered terrain
Vast oceans
Dense forests
Endless possibilities
Trudging on
One foot after another
Into that abyss
Ever deeper
Path leading on
No end in sight
Fork in the road
Taking it
An Odyssey
Journey home
From our war
Ending all wars
Youthful adventures
Romantic follies
Friends and enemies
Battered warriors
The fallen strewn
Dimly remembered
Now stumbled steps
No Virgil to guide us
Shades slipping past
Just before dawn
Long slanted shadows
First bright light
Sanguine horizon
Of another day
Staggering on and on