MIT List Visual Arts Center

A Series of Simmer Walks

By: - Apr 30, 2021

Warmer weather is upon us, vaccine distribution is gradually expanding, and yet after a year of being largely home-bound, many of us may need a little encouragement (or even instruction!) on how to re-emerge into the outside world or perhaps simply re-engage our daily environment. With this in mind, MIT List Visual Arts Center has organized This Way, a series of nine artist-designed walks and experiences that offer us diverse points of entry—some intimate explorations of physical embodiment and sensory experience, others guided modifications of scale, space, and geography, or novel considerations of language, architectures, or landscapes. Borrowing its title from a 1961 series by conceptual artist Stanley Brouwn, while also drawing inspiration from Fluxus and the dérive or “drift” of the Situationists, This Way takes up themes of movement and performance, ritual and meditation, and both abstract and concrete explorations of a range of spaces we occupy.


A new iteration of This Way will be released every other Wednesday, from May 12 to September 8, 2021. Each release will consist of both a written prompt, available as a PDF, and an audio component, recorded by one of the nine invited artists. Participants can choose to engage via the written or audio format, or both, depending on their preference. While each artist’s prompt will consist of a guide or instructions of some kind, the parameters or recommended sites may differ. Some may recommend a partner or joint participation (in person, or simultaneously long-distance), while others may be ideally experienced alone.

Artists creating the series’ prompts include
Morgan Bassichis, Rafael Domenech, Shannon Finnegan, Maria Gaspar, Emilie Gossiaux, Corin Hewitt, David Horvitz, Heather Kapplow, and Xaviera Simmons.

This series will include screen reader enabled PDFs for written components, and transcripts for audio components.

This event is free and open to our global audience. The archive of prompts will be posted to our website, however we recommend registering to receive a new release of This Way in your inbox every other week throughout the summer.