Corona Cookbook: Bitter Lemons

Big Boy's Lemonade

By: - May 04, 2020

For now, hopes and dreams are on hold.

When life serves us lemons, ain’t that the truth, make lemonade.


By any means necessary start with a bunch of lemons.

It’s cost effective to boost them at the grocery store.

Wear something with big pockets.

Most satisfying if its rather upscale.

Like Zabar’s in New York, or Guido’s here in the Berkshires.

That makes it more of an adventure.

Very French existential like Genet.

Pack heat just in case.

Always best to have a risk factor plugged into the quotidian.

Slice them.

Then give a good gander to soak up the bitter fruit.

A bit of citric acid rock.

Squeeze the crap out of them.

Let it rip.

Revenge of the sans-culottoes

Pick out and discard the seeds.

They don’t do nobody no good.

Pour fresh lemon juice into a pitcher.

Make sure its picturesque.

As in pretty as a pitcher.

That enhances the life changing experience.

Add freshly frozen ice.

To that fill with tap water or some exotic, wicked expensive stuff.

We prefer Pellegrino or Gerolsteiner.

But only on special occasions.

Mostly to impress dinner guests.

Garnish with some slices.

The color provides a graphic touch.

Sweeten to taste though I prefer not to.

Nothing comes between me and my Kalvin’s.

Sit back and chill.

Light up a spliff or two letting time and troubles.

Slip slide away.

Refreshing on a balmy day.