Corona Cookbook: Sydney Sauce

Cooking Down Maine

By: - May 06, 2020

We asked Sydney who lives on the coast down Maine if there is seafood in her kitchen? What follows was her answer.

I am now allergic to shellfish, my favorites! I always wanted shrimp and champagne to be my last meal and it might just be!

Never much of a cook, but here are good versions of Sydney Sauce, named by Clara Wainwright. 

Sydney Sauce
1/2 cup Mayo (Hellmans or yours)
1/2 cup Plain Yogurt (I like Siggis or local farm stand's)
Juice of 1 lemon
Dash or 2 of Italian herbs (or what you like)
Couple grounds of pepper (or what you like)
Probably some salt
Smoosh around
Use for chicken salad
Serve on meats (add mustard)
Serve on shrimp (add a splash of brandy and a bit of catsup)
Add anything you like! Garlic, chives, etc.
This has been a simple, less fattening solution to much. 
As far as lobster is concerned, if I could still eat it, it would be the plain old simple version: hardshell!!! steamed. Drain well, crack the claws and cut the tail lengthwise.

Serve with lemon butter, or just lemon juice, eat everything except the "green stuff" (a bit scary these days). Eat the legs too. Stick them all the way to the back of your mouth and suck the tender meat out. I am sure you all know all this. Be sure to have large bowls to throw the shells in, also lemon water for rinsing hands and absorbant towels for drying them.
Lobster salad is one of the best treats and lobster bisque as well. Salad is simple: cold lobster cooked, drained as above, cut up, add Sydney Sauce, put on a few lovely lettuce leaves. I'll leave the Bisque to one of you. Have never made it. 
I looked at pix of lobsters and was appalled! While we have lobster bakes, it is lots of food: Steamed clams or mussels, corn on the cob, and steak!  I was never big on surf and turf.
Keep it simple. And try to take time to talk to your friends! Lobster is time-consuming, and needs focus, but slow down!