Corona Cookbook: Congee

With Cubed Potato and Cabbage

By: - May 07, 2020

I boil the cubed potatoes in salted water and add the bite size cabbage chunks at the same time. Proportions depend on personal preference.

Separately,  add 3:1 home veggie broth to the cooked rice adding a knorr veggie cube if needed.

Bring to a low boil and stir from time to time as water is absorbed. Watch to add broth as needed until you get a mushy consistency.
Dole out the rice - mix in the potatoes, their water and cabbage. Should be steaming hot.

Dress with soy sauce, scallions or chives or something green and Italian spice with hot pepper. Of course for me, a drizzle of olive oil hits the spot.
I keep the cabbage & potatoes separate when storing leftovers. Otherwise, the rice absorbs all the broth and you lose a freshness to a goo.

Serving it hot is important.
My Monk friend also makes congee.
The ratio is 7 to one. Often made with steamed chicken. And the pickled vegetables are a common condiment for it, for noodles,and other dishes, too.
I like to add a little black vinegar to mine, along with a drop of soy.
It is also served usually with youtiao - -loosely, Chinese doughnut. It is long and a bit cruller-like, usually broken into pieces and added to the rice porridge. I eat it quite often when I am there (China).