Corona Cookbook: Baked Splatchcock Chicken

Cooking from Old Cape Cod

By: - May 08, 2020

Baked Splatchcock Chicken
Splatchcock chicken is cut in half, spine removed and opened like a butterfly; it cooks quicker -and less dry -than a whole roast chicken.
Preheat oven 400 F (I used a toaster oven)
1. Rub chicken on both sides with sea salt and fresh lime (or lemon). Let sit a few minutes. Put used lime quarters underneath chicken.
2. “Mexican” spices rub on skin: black sea salt, ancho chile pepper, garlic, chipolte chile pepper, oregano.
3. Garlic slices: insert in knife slits made in fatty parts of chicken.
4. Fresh diced Rosemary: scatter over skin.
5. Lime quarters: place in crevices between legs and body of chicken ????
6. Olive oil: pour over and under chicken ????
7. Surround chicken with potatoes and celery, etc if you have it; I didn’t and added a quartered an onion.
8. Cooked 50 minutes at 400 F/convection in a huge toaster oven with skin side up, uncovered in Le Creuset ceramic for first 20 minutes then with a aluminum foil “tent” for next 20-30.
Ate chicken with rice, corn and lima beans and white wine.