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Pork with Sauerkraut, Beer and Tarragon

By: - May 12, 2020

Pork with Sauerkraut, Beer and Tarragon
Pork tenderloin, chops, or roast, sausages
Sauerkraut, one or two jars
Fresh Tarragon
Beer (Guinness preferred, other ale or stout
Cooking Time: One hour at medium to low temperature

With an abundance of fresh herbs in the garden there was an urge to make a favorite winter pork recipe. But with fresh tarragon a key ingredient.

During the winter a small bottle of dried herbs is quite expensive.

In the summer, however, fresh herbs are a few steps from the kitchen.

This is quick, easy and foolproof.

Any form of pork is fine. In this case we used pork tenderloin. But pork chops, roast, butt or shoulder works just fine. It’s key however to cover the meat with sauerkraut. We like to add sausages and enough for more than on meal. Marinated it is even better on the second or third night.

To that end you want an adequate amount of sauerkraut. We prefer jars of European kraut. The American kind is too sharp, lacks flavor and is overwhelming. If you are using cheap and generic kraut it is advisable to drain and lightly wash it. This takes out the heavy brine flavor. Do not wash or drain high end gourmet kraut.

Put the meat in the bottom of a pot then start to pull fresh tarragon leaves from their stems. If you work counter direction this is fairly easy.

Keep layering the kraut over the meat and keep adding tarragon.

The meat should be well covered or add more for adequate leftovers. Trust me, you will never have enough kraut.

As the final touch pour over a bottle of dark beer, ale or stout. Guinness has the most flavor for this kind of cooking.

Over low to medium heat cook for a half hour to an hour. Sausage and tenderloin cook quickly where chops or a roast will take longer.

We have done with with smoked porkchops from Guidos. It's simply divine.

You want the meat and kraut to absorb all of the wonderful flavors.

We like to serve this with boiled potatoes. And, of course, fresh parsley and dill.