Foucault You Man

Author, Author

By: - May 17, 2018

Foucault You Man

As in Magritte’s
Ceci n'est pas une pipe
Le dernier cri
Beware of Geeks bearing gifts
This is not a poem
Not written by me
Author-wise so it seems
Lacks authorenticity
Superannuated individuality
Not owner but liable
Sued yet not acknowledged
Such a kvetch
Ambiguities of ownership
Shakespeare or Bacon
Explication de texte
École normale supérieure
To which one does not apply

Confluence of ideas
Lacking in originality
The fictive Homer
Name branding a bunch of stuff
Not even consistent
Illiad differs from Odyssey
Or four Evangelists
Myth of sacred words
The Prophet Muhammad
Not author of Koran
Infallible text passed through him
Dictated by angel Gabriel
Perhaps this poem disseminates
Recontextualizing like
Aristotle, Marx or Freud
Less authors than concepts
Death to authors
Killed as by Nietzsche
Dead poets society
Hegemonic canon of white guys
Casualties of Intersectionality
Archaic cult of personality
Romance of literature
Skeletal old boy friends
Byron, Keats and Shelley
Perhaps even Whitman and Eliot
Marginalia of rabbis and monks
Comments on comments on comments
Threads in Facebook
Blood of the poets
Ersatz Talmudic traditions
As if we count as well
Grand scheme of things
Foucault you man
Don’t you mean fuck you
No baby Foucault
Then again who am I to say
Post-structuralism word play
Thoughts for another day
Here today gone tomorrow
Author author
Yet another standing O
For nobody of note
Theatre of the absurd
Back to Beckett
Tomorrow never comes

For Jane and Robert