Nick Cave at MASS MoCA

Sound Suits on Parade

By: - May 29, 2017

There was dawn to dusk celebration for the launch of Building Six of MASS MoCA.

The opening of an additional 125, 000 square feet of mix used exhibition  space completed the final phase of  a $65 million project with $25 million from the Commonwealth and an other $45 million raised privately.

A highlight of the day long festivities was a 3 PM parade of outrageous Sound Suits otherworldly creatures designed by the artist Nick Cave.

It was an animation and add on for the year long run of his glitzy and glitter installation in the vast Building Five. The end of that building has been opened to provide a direct route to the new wing of Building Six.

The artist was present to enjoy the special event choreographed by Sandra Burton a professor of dance at neighboring Williams College.

We arrived early enough to get a choice spot along the crowded parade route that started in a courtyard.

There was a Mardi Gras ambiance as we could hear the drum beats and pandemonium when the titubating creatures approached.

The crowd pressed in and created a twisting and turning madcap throng.

As they made their way into the next courtyard, and then on through Building Six, we cut back to the enormous Cave installation to await their arrival.

The drummers and dancers came first moving into the center, performance area of the Cave work under the metal stairs and suspended, cluttered chandelier.

Eventually, there was more crash and clatter as the Sound Suit creatures entered with ferocious intensity. It all built to a stunning crescendo.

We found our way back outside for a breather where we encountered  Burton whooshing past. Cave was surrounded by local artists and chatted with MoCA curator Denise Markonish.

 It was indeed a Suitable occasion. Soundwise.