Baby Owl

By: - May 31, 2022

A baby owl was found in the grass
On the lawn of a suburban house
Not sure where it came from
With penetrating gaze and stillness
Thoughtfully looking yet quite small
Was grabbed before found by cat or coyote
Wrapped in thin blanket eye piercing
Police said not their concern
Angel Memorial Hospital directed
To put in protective box
So mother owl could retrieve overnight
Placed in cardboard box with nest materials
Heavy rainstorm pounded neighborhood
Thought owlet could drown
Box bird empty in damp morning
Little owl found across street
Standing near neighbor’s foundation
Penetrating eyes asking for a solution
Kindhearted children brought worms
Tweezers used as feeding utensil
Handfed baby bird ravenous appetite
Call made to Tufts Vet School
Generously adopted orphan
The eyes have it