Mind reposing on a love of Fords

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By: - Jun 01, 2015


Mind reposing on a love of Fords      


Ignorance reigns and most memories are lies or dreams.

Ponder the protocols of those Dearborn ladies shunning

the upstart Fords (“not the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Fords, dear”).

Then the second Model A rolled out in 1927 and away we go!


My father had a Model A in college and for years after.

On school trips I saw Fords being made in Somerville, Mass.

My first car was a used ‘54 Ford Tudor, white over blue,

that I sold to a friend and replaced with a Citroen 2CV.


I watched an ancient thresher in France powered by belts

from a Ford tractor at night, kerosene lamps, exhaust, wine.

Always I hope for the best, and that these are not random

dreams or lies but solid memories of my love of Fords.