Christopher Janney's Exploring the Hidden Music

At Boston University Dance Theater

By: - Jun 04, 2018

Christopher Janney's Soundstair: MIT'18  (see below) can currently be heard at the MIT Museum's exhibition: 'Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the MIT Center for Advanced Visual Studies'  - until Jan 31, 2019. He is a former Research Fellow of CAVS and here he is presenting with collaborators:

Christopher Janney
(Creator of SOUNDSTAIR)

Special BOSTON Concert- 8PM, June 8, 2018
Boston University Dance Theater
915 Commonwealth Ave. (Entrance on Buick St.)

Fellow explorers include renowned saxophonist STAN STRICKLAND, Keyboardist JOSH ROSEN, ALICIA ORIZ and NEDELAK PRESCOD on vocals, Dancer JAMIE BREGE and Special Guest Drummer JON HAZILLA on brushes

 This June concert will continue Janney’s explorations in “Physical Music.”

Among works to be presented include a new version of “HeartBeat” (formerly with Mikhail Baryshnikov) as well as his latest sculptures - “Sound Is An Invisible Color.”

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