Long Point

Provinctown's Art in Narrow Streets

By: - Jun 06, 2016

Longm Point

Thrusting into the Atlantic
Tip of Cape Cod
Furthest point east
Land’s end
Hook forming
Provincetown harbor
Fishing town
Where artists walk
Narrow streets
Long Point
Former gallery
Spacious top floor
Old schoolhouse
Once studio of
Leo Manso
Where he taught
Invited friends
Shared the rent
On hand long ago
Hot summer
By the sea
Dunes and beaches
Hanging a show
Artists gathered
Casual in shorts
Staying cool
In the heat
Robert Motherwell
No sweat
Work with Tony Vevers
So handsome
Warm and wonderful
Tabitha’s father
In vintage photo
Sideo Fromboluti
Adjusting glasses
Pushed back
Wife Nora Speyer
Looking on
Bob chatting with
One of  four
O’Donnell sisters
She ran the gallery
Ellen the Art Association
Helped with
Basic research
Dissertation on
Karl Knaths
Never happened
Life got in the way
So typical
For those with
Hectic lives
In the arts
But insights
Linger in our
Conjuring thoughts
Of long ago
Summer day
Spent with
Now iconic