Putting the Nose on the Ankh-Haf

Restoration Was Not Appreciated

By: - Jun 10, 2015


First true portrait
Polychromed bust
Vizier Anhk-Haf
Before Sesostris III, Nefertiti, or Ankhenaten
Compelling naturalism
Nose broken
Lidded eyes
Weary midlife face
Found at Giza
Studio of chief sculptor
May have been prototype
For next Pharaoh
Died before his father
Greatest single treasure
MFA's Ancient Egyptian Art
During WWII
Too priceless to risk losing
Possible bombing
Replaced by plaster cast
Precise replica
Original with other treasures
Safe at the Clark
In Williamstown
Replica in my
Basement domain
Project to restore the nose
Took the initiative
Clay and plaster
Then painted
Perfect fit
Proudly displayed
To Dr. Smith
He freaked
To me
He looked whole
As he was
Thousands of years ago
The Prince
Would understand
Smiling from
Serene after life