Virtual Works & Process from the Guggenheim

Social Distancing Dance and Music

By: - Jun 14, 2020

Works & Process at the Guggenheim
Every Sunday and Monday on their Facebook, Instagram and YouTube sites, the Guggenheim Museum is presenting new works, commissioned to help artists and listeners in these challenging times.
"100 Days" Choreographed by Caili Quan Performed by Chloe Perkes (and Ammon Perkes) “The Longest Time” - Music and lyrics by Billy Joel Performed and arranged by Micah Manaitai Filmed by Chloe Perkes Edited by Caili Quan Advised by Kira Leinonen
A delightful dance day at home.

“…it’s okay too. Feel” by Hope Boykin 

A chance to move through feelings as expressed in dance, the new feelings of isolation and of not knowing where we're going.  Difficult thoughts and emotions expressed smoothly.   Dancers: Savannah Green and Ashley Simpson Choreography and Original Text: Hope Boykin Music: Bill Laurance; “Constance” from the album Cables Videography: Savannah Green and Ashley Simpson Video editing: Hope Boykin

“Brown Eyes” by Penny Saunders

Breath and Percussion inspire a couple accompanied by shadows and mirrors.  Wild.  
"Brown Eyes" by Penny Saunders Dancers: Andrea Yorita and Zachary Kapeluck Choreography: Penny Saunders Music: Michael Wall Videography: Tara Keating Video Editing: Pablo Piantino

“The Under Way" by Rena Butler
Dancers: Stanley Glover and Roderick Phifer Choreography: Rena Butler Music: Darryl Hoffman Videographer: Tara Keating Edited by: Rena Butler

A cool cat in a kool aide tropical fronds. Inspired by a statue, stairways and brick walls, the under way comes out on top. 

Artists were delighted to be asked to create for the program.  Here are some of their reactions:

And what a wonderful way to support the dance community. Obviously, all of their performance fees are gone, but also so many work in restaurants or as yoga instructors and those gigs are on hold as well. I was just thinking about how I didn't know where my next dollar was going to come from and you answered that! 
I'd love to donate my fee to a dancer who cannot legally file for unemployment and is stuck in New York.
I'm so happy to hear that you've reached out to so many artists in my web of collaborators -- I'm, of course, experiencing personal hardship, but I'm much more broken up about the hardship that my collaborators are experiencing. Thanks for what you do.
As soon as I read your email my head started going on ideas and I started experimenting. Thanks for reaching out and triggering my brain to experiment at home during this time!

Future programs include:

June 15                 Larry Keigwin and Nicole Wolcott
June 20                 Anthony Roth Costanzo, Dick Hyman, Adam Charlap Hyman, and 
Zack Winokur
June 21                 Pontus Lidberg
June 22                 John Jarboe*
June 23                 Victoria Sin*
June 24                 Jack Ferver and Jeremy Jacob*
June 25                 Reid Bartelme and Harriet Jung*
June 26                 Viva DeConcini*
June 27                 Machine Dazzle*
June 28                 Simone Dinnerstein, Isaac Mizrahi, Pam Tanowitz*
June 29                 Tom Gold*
*In partnership with the digital exhibition The Guggenheim Circular: Embrace and NYC Pride.

Works & Process Artists (WPA) Virtual Commissions was created to financially support artists and nurture their creative process during the pandemic.