By: - Jun 17, 2019

wave to the Jeep
with the studded tires
American flag covered
fifth wheel with another
take a picture of two guys
leaning against the flagpole
atop the wall with its pirate
under Old Glory
lie in the sun
on the tractor cut grass
so old she has to run it slow
before she shuts it off
son and mum burn
year and a half old brush
in a fire pit dogs scamper
Remember that tree
fell on my fence?
son practices iyengar
discuss hedges and caterpillars 
caught by a truck and trailer 
climbing into a shirt
in the middle of the road
You look like a linebacker!
by a Toyota Solara
creeping by chihuahuas
I know those cuties round here!
sit on a trap to write about it
amble into the six o’clock sun
Melissa de Haan Cummings