Juneteenth At Shaker Village

Celebrating BLack Shakers

By: - Jun 18, 2021

Knowing that the work toward achieving true equality and justice is ongoing, and in recognition of Juneteenth’s significance, we invite you to visit our online exhibition, African American Shakers: In the Berkshires and Beyond about the Shakers’ view of equality, which has always extended to all races and sexes.

Beginning in the eighteenth century, the Shakers welcomed many African Americans into their communities. The Shakers believed that all were equal in the eyes of God, and allowed anyone to join their communities, provided that they turned over their property and all material wealth once they committed to communal life.

Communal living placed all Believers on the same plane, where property was owned by the collective group, and food and necessities were provided to all, as long as you lived a devoted, spiritual life. 

A daily talk on Black Shakers will commence at the Village beginning July 3. Indeed, we have many daily talks to learn more about Shaker life and experiences while visiting the Village:


  • Introduction to the Shakers
  • Farm & Garden Walk & Talk
  • Shaker Music & Dance
  • Water Turbine Demonstration
  • Medicinal Herb Talk
  • Black Shakers Talk (beginning July 3)

 Check the daily schedule at the ticket desk for times and locations.