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Pandemic Statements Directed by Cari Ann Shim Sham

By: - Jun 18, 2021

The Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art (mowna) announces a special sneak-peek of the film "pandemic statements," directed by cari ann shim sham* with a pre-show musical performance featuring accordionist Sarah Bellows, and a post show Q&A with the "pandemic statements collaborative” in the mowna party room. The event will take place virtually on June 25th at 8 pm Eastern Time. Tickets for this event are sliding scale, pay what you wish, and include access to the 2021 mowna Biennial exhibition. Click here for more info and tickets for "pandemic statements"
July 2nd launches the mowna 'artist talks' with Linda Dounia Rebeiz, who will share her experience as a black woman creating and collecting NFTs and why she is particularly excited about its potential. Linda is a transdisciplinary artist, designer, and writer from Senegal whose work interrogates the effects of patriarchal, modernist, and capitalistic power structures on black women’s bodies and minds. The talk will be at 7pm ET. Click here for more info and tickets for the artist talk.
“We are thrilled with the current 2021 mowna Biennial exhibition, and in looking to the future have decided that artist talks and wild and newfangled events will be part of the mowna experience. Talks and events are ways of bringing people together, working through the challenges of our times, and having a space in which art can be celebrated to its potential. Of course the emphasis at mowna will continue to be on wild and newfangled art, and we are looking forward to our upcoming show that we are announcing today” says artist and cofounder Joey Zaza.
"pandemic statements": A Film About Moving with Emotion through the Pandemic
"'pandemic statements' is a new film centered around emotional states, written statements, sounds and movements of, from and for a pandemic captured & witnessed through screens. It is a work that creates space for how we've seen and been seen by each other, how we need to be seen now; demonstrating how we continue to move through it all seeing differently. ultimately it is a creative space for processing, for mourning, and for healing through physical, written, sounding and emotional state practices about the effects that the pandemic has had upon us."~cari ann shim sham*
This Show is Curated by a Machine ????
The Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art invites all international artists to submit their work to “This Show is Curated by a Machine,” which directly answers the Whitney Museum of American Art's curatorial question, "The Next Biennial Should Be Curated by a Machine."
The curator of the exhibit is an AI bot machine that will learn to curate by looking at the art of the 2021 mowna Biennial.
Artists may submit up to 10 works of art per submission. Selected artists will be paid 70% of ticket and membership sales from the show, with the other 30% paying for the creation of the platform. There is no submission fee to apply. All mediums of art are welcome. Work must have been completed after January 1, 2020. The deadline for submissions is August 20, 2021 at 12 PM ET.
"This Show is Curated by a Machine ????" will run from September 23, 2021 through January 31, 2022 at 
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