Art Works!

Commodity Trading

By: - Jun 20, 2016

In earlier times, artists would purple at considerations about color-coordination

Art works! 

Purchasing decisions in keeping with the living room set,

Has been modernized.

Updated, a new wrinkle. 


Newbreed herds,

Money-launderers, young collectors, commodity traders and the like.


Blinded by the reflections off of a gilded future,

Vision clouded by global auction prices,

Investment grade objets d'art, 

Artfully bought and sold

By surrogates.

No need to take possession.


Storage-lockered until the market peaks or goes against them.

Nothing new, just additional confirmation. 

Even the sordid decency of a dirty secret kept to one's self, 

Like screwing dead animals or keeping slaves; 

Très passé..