2022 Berkshire Mountains Faerie Festival, Adams, MA

Return After Three Years

By: - Jun 20, 2022

Last Saturday marked the return of the Berkshire Mountains Faerie Festival after three years, the fifth celebration since 2016.  (Surely, Covid-19 had also stopped these festivities for a time.)

The Faerie Queen with entourage, Goblins, the Greyshires School, Robinhood’s Archers and Knights, Dragons, little and grown Faeries and ordinary folks like me returned to the festival…. With a bang, for sure! Cold weather and windy ways did not stop the crowd to stream onto Bowe Field in Adams, MA, again from morning until late.

We arrived in the afternoon and enjoyed the festivities for only two short hours, or so. By then, the Queen had to leave her tent; she became indisposed. I was glad to have a rain jacket – it did not rain, but it was quite chilly. Yet the crowd persisted! And the organizers were happily amazed!

During my first conversation with a mother of a very young faerie in the Royal Pavilion, where bands and other entertainment took place, she said in earnest to me: “We are back after two years in hiatus.” Regular participants have made this festival their own. She, in fact, had glued on 600 glitter stones to her daughter’s outfit, made a few too-too skirts, and changed the color of her little girl’s sandals to red. Now, mom and daughter deserve to be the leading photograph to this article! Actually, all photos tell this story much better than my words can.

The Festival was dedicated to Phil Sellers, one of the major forces of the Faerie Festival. He was the Head of the Faerie Village in Black Willow Woods and had died unexpectedly more than a year ago. His realm there also missed him.

I entered the Greyshire School of Creativity, where young (and older) visitors could again make little gems to take home. And, there, I believe, festival goers bought many faerie wings, if they did not save them from years before. Wings were everywhere!

While talking to my dear friend, Lisa Avery, who held out as the day-long announcer at the music pavilion, The Berkshire Rhythm Keepers, led by Aimee Gelinas, a Drumming Circle, performed on stage, and the dancers hit the floor anew.

I wandered around, food vendors were busy, and so stopped at a number of artisan’s tents that were offering their very creative or magical goods and crafts. A young Sara Rose was offering her free-hand drawn exquisite colorful mandalas in various sizes. To emphasize, she does not use any assisting tools – which is quite amazing. And in the photograph you can see her holding up her tent; others had already taken off their thin walls. The wind was getting pretty strong.

Then, I had a conversation with Emily, a teacher in Pittsfield, who also carves wooden spoons and utensils as Nicole Rennelle Designs. From old wood beds she recycles and carves very handy utensils in many forms and sizes, including lefty spoons. She introduced me to ‘Spurtles,’ originally a Scottish spoon, that has existed for hundreds of years and over centuries has changed forms and sizes. She had examples of the metamorphosis of a spoon at hand – so to speak.

There were many other tents and activities that I did not visit with surely more fantastic offerings. The Robbins - Zust Marionettes were packing up as I approached. They were always a hit with little faeries.

The ladies of Mermaid Lagoon, LLC, just opposite the entrance gate, believe in mermaids more than people. There, I was reminded of my dear friend, Erika Marquardt, now of another realm. She wrote stories and poems about Mermaids.

Returning to the entrance wagon on my way out,  let's praise Francie Riley, the First Goblin, presiding over the beginning and end of the faerie grounds plus all volunteers at each station. They all made this whole beautiful day happen along with thousands of visitors who prepare, dress and follow the call of the Berkshire Mountains Fearie Festival.  May it continue into the future...