Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors

Adams Theatre Benefit's Razom for Ukraine

By: - Jun 26, 2023

Locally rooted musical collective Floating Tower, working with Berkshire artist Joe Wheaton, will fill The Adams Theater July 1-2 with a unique, poignant musical tribute to the people of Ukraine. 

 "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors" will bring Floating Tower’s eclectic group of musicians (Israelis, Iranians, Greek, Lebanese and Egyptians) together with a group of Ukrainian teen refugees with members of Ukrainian Village voices. The idea behind this production is to illuminate the multi-ethnic perception of Ukraine, in contrast to Putin's agenda of showcasing Ukraine as Russia's little rebellious sibling. 

Proceeds from the show will be donated to benefit Razom for Ukraine, an organization supplying aid to vulnerable communities in Ukraine. 

Floating Tower's mission is to create music and theater experiences that transcend the boundaries of language, geography or genre. The company's core collective comprises immigrant and refugee actors and musicians based in the U.S. They also operate an artist retreat in North Adams, where they workshop immersive performances and host immigrant and refugee musicians for artist residencies. 

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