Corona Cookbook: Cucumber Soup

By: - Jun 28, 2020

In the heat of summer, we strive to be as cool as cucumbers.

Part of that is not creating heat in the kitchen.

That has resulted in concocting cucumber soup in a blender.

It is super quick and easy with a range of fresh ingredients.

We started with three large cucumbers, peeled, de-seeded and cubed.

That went into the blender with any kind of yogurt.

In this case a container with whole milk for thickness.

From there it’s pretty much anything goes.

An added avocado matched well and provided creaminess.

From the garden try a range of herbs and be generous.

A big bunch of cilantro went into the blender. Basil and parsley are other options.

It gave the soup a nice green hue.

Dill would have been great.

At the table we garnished with chives and mint.

The recipe calls for scallions or shallots.

Not having those ingredients we opted for half a Vidalia onion.

We skipped the recommended garlic.

A bit of acidity is called for, in this case, a splash of rice vinegar.

Next time we will try lemon or lime to perk up the soup.

To fill the blender, we added milk for a more liquid texture.

It went into the fridge.

We split half last night with the rest for another meal. There was a cup each.

What we created may been regarded as a base.

From there knock yourself out with other ingredients from diced veggies to watermelon.

You can add spices for a more Asian approach from cumin to curry and hot stuff.

When we are overwhelmed with zucchini we will try it half and half with cukes.

The possibilities are endless and this is so quick and easy.

On hot summer nights this keeps us chill.

Try this soon. It’s a winner.