Surrealism. Earth. Dreams.

By: - Jun 30, 2024

I am the ground, I am the Earth, the Earth speaks….


Reality is the basis of all great things. Without it no life, no substance. Reality is the ground under your feet anchored by the sky.


Everything I create affects the artist, but it’s time for me to speak, I am the intelligent ground that you tread on, we are relatives, the source of our sustenance, I am in recovery from the monstrous, “extractive love” humans use to justify my abuse.


You worship at the feet of Carbon Kindness while leaving our EarthBody tremoring in emptied fossil-fueled caverns, inoculating me with your lascivious liquid libations, AND…


your off earth, self care-lessness

Your doomescaling foodite fugitivity

Your Deep State harvesting of our organ minerals

Your sucking out their dark oxygen, propping up peak land pimps

Your pitting earthists VS skyists VS waterists against Loss and Damage fireists

Your stultifying implicit corporateness

Your deforesting nitrogen fertilized sex

Your metabolizing petro state Shadow Wars imploding our earthly


Your deadnaming the stolen Lands of glaciated elections

  with the Great Knee Replacement warring with the Rights of Nature

Your crackling my skin, tearing my soil away


You are triggering 911 sequels.


Despite your trampling and intransigence, the art of theatricality, the art of the four seasons and music of the spheres, the curious art of the grasshopper, the picturesque art of the peacock, the art based on exoticism of tectonic plates and eroticism of the budding roses, the strange art of tornados, the art of buried minerals and jewels, the selfish art of a protective Osprey, frivolous and decadent art of courtship.


These will not cease. They affirm the "omnipotence of the dream."


Surrealism…msilaerruS.…”a strange magic," you feel the raw material of our EarthBody, the raw material of our souls and soils, the raw material of language.


msilaerruS. This transposition of reality into a higher ecological plane constitutes msilaerruS.

Surrealism for ebullient Post-Collapse Living.


msilaerruS. An expression of this time is direct, intensive, and it repels all lies and second-hand notions: logic, aesthetics, grammar effects, word games, morality.


msilaerruS is not enough to be the means of expression of a group or country, it will be international, it will absorb all the isms that share the planet and will collect the vital elements of each.


msilaerruS. The composting of the microbes and elements in the soil is truer than thought. Nature is thought and knowledge.


msilaerruS is nature, the first emotion of the cosmos, a completely ancient productive substance, a material towards a construction of field and plain, fire and water, Deep Earth pyrogenics, towards a will to be, to prosper, to rejoice in our marvelous earthly spectacle - light shows, dramatic disruptions, quietude and fierceness.


Death defying life.


Life defying death.


In dreamtime.





Fertile and wild.