Zig or Zag

Equivocating Equivalence

By: - Jul 06, 2016

Zig and Zag

To zig or zag
Hang with the gang
Me and me mates
Bunch of reprobates
Cut loose or
Go with the flow
To be
Not for me
Without a doubt
Neither here
Nor there
Hair today
Gone tomorrow
Guys bald as
Egg shells
Smooth as silk
Shiny pates
Not hairy apes
So it seems
More or less
If you know
What I mean
Fork in the road
Taking it
Path less followed
Way out West
Gold in them thar hills
Or right here
My own back yard
Drawing line in the sand
Taking a stand
For something or other
Do the right thing
God on my side
Truth Justice and
The American Way
Leaping tall buildings
In a single bound
World hovering on edge
What’s to be done
Heads or tails
Stop making sense
That’s it for now
What the heck
All topsy turvy
Loosey goosey
Grim Reaper
What you sow
So what
The fuck
Hot as heck
Cripes what a day
Catch you later