Tanglewood Opening Day 2020

A No Frills Experience

By: - Jul 06, 2020

With the Sunday New York Times in hand and two lawn chairs, we entered the grounds of Tanglewood as the first wave of guests for the 2020 season.

In this instance, we weren’t allowed to bring a picnic, a bottle of wine or a key lime pie. We were only allowed to bring a bottle of water onto the grounds.

If you consume too many beverages or eat a boxed meal and have to make a visit to the toilet, you are out of luck.

Tanglewood is no frills this summer.

On July 5th at exactly ten in the morning, the main gate opened for visitors who pre-registered for a 90 minute use of the grounds. You need to pre-book your Thursday, Saturday or Sunday visit at:

Tickets are free.

Once you enter the grounds you will see a boarded up Shed and grass that is less manicured than expected.

What you will see is open space, cascading mountains, the Stockbridge Bowl and a group of new buildings dedicated to the arts.

With Tanglewood’s extensive grounds surrounded by nature’s beautiful silhouette, it was a day to be cherished.