Corona Cookbook: Basil Pasta

Fresh From the Garden

By: - Jul 07, 2020

It’s always nice to take a break from homemade tomato sauce on your pasta.

This year, our garden has an over abundance of basil. Since snipping basil to grow back, again, one is always left, at the end of the day with several cups of basil leaves.

What can you do with the basil other then making pesto or a margarita pizza?|

My solution is quite simple. Why not make a sauce for pasta using the basil leaves.

Here is my recipe.
1/2 pound of linguini
5 cloves of garlic minced
2 cups of fresh chopped basil
1/2 cup of pasta water
Extra virgin olive oil
Pecorino cheese
Black pepper
Red pepper flakes
Cook pasta three minutes under time
Heat olive oil on medium heat in a sauté pan
Add minced garlic
Add red pepper flakes
Cook four minutes
Add pasta
Add more olive oil and pasta water
Let cook for three minutes, then add Pecorino cheese
Add black pepper to taste, then add the sliced basil to the pan
Cook until the basil wilts
Add more cheese and serve