Dance Theatre of Harlem

By: - Jul 12, 2019

Choreography: Annabelle Lopez Ochoa

A cluster of bodies
Tightly hovering in the fog
And dim light

Slowly moving away from each other
To the beat of a drum
And clicking sounds and song

What Song?

Foreign, yet familiar sounds
Ten of them sharing the stage
Then rushing off

Appearing, re-appearing in fast steps
Alone, with each other alone
Running, jumping, falling, lifting
Pairing in 2-3-4’s

To the beat of the sounds –
The song – what Song?!

Foreign, yet familiar –
My legs move to the beat
As well – in my seat –

Finally, Klezmer music
Sounds and words in what language?
Foreign, yet familiar

Dancers still rushing to the beat
The sounds and words, the music

Alone – with each other
Alone in total precision
Until the light is dark

The bodies spent!