Corona Cookbook: Wiener Crown Roast

A Culinary Classic

By: - Jul 14, 2020

Corona Cookbook: Wiener Crown Roast

Around holiday time our local meat department displays a variety of crown roasts.

They range from relatively affordable pork to pricey lamb.

What a great idea for a festive dinner.

That never seems to happen, however, for a couple of reasons.

The first of course that it’s a cut above our paygrade.

Then it’s just us two pensioners so that’s a lot of meat.

Leftovers for weeks on end.

Or who to invite given the daunting spectrum of food restrictions.

That’s the hard part nowadays of planning dinner parties.

Some, for a variety of reasons, don’t eat meat let alone pork or even lamb.

The latter all too readily signifies sacrificial and hence not in the holiday spirit.

Then there is the issue of the stuffing generally not gluten free.

That’s another bummer.

But here is a wicked cool option and end run around obstacles.

Why not build a crown roast using hotdogs?

There is an endless variety to choose from including Kosher, vegan, gluten free, turkey, and all beef Nathan’s.

Really, there is no excuse not to go with so many options.

At just pennies per serving, of course, the price is right.

With candle light and a nice boxed wine or cheap beer you can create a regal ambiance.

As they say, the selling point is sizzle and not the steak.

In this case the pitch is Crown Roast.

Doesn’t that have a proper ring to it?

Many of our readers and fellow foodies are artists.

This will really pull out your creativity.

Make this a crafty family activity.

Start by giving the wieners a light grilling for the right color.

Then the trick is to build a wall using tooth picks.

It may take a bit of practice.

Then comes the festive filling.

The options are endless including colorful garnishes.

We went with a zesty, fresh summer slaw.

It was readily available at the deli counter.

It was a snap to just dump in reaching a proper height or crown.

On another occasion, for our German relatives, we went with sauerkraut.

Not scrimping we used the good stuff from Poland.

It cost a fortune at Guido’s but was worth it.

Another summer tip, the Wiener Crown Roast is served at room temperature.

No need to heat up the kitchen.

Our guests found it absolutely wunderbar.

So enjoy and gutes essen.