James Flynn Flynn Letter to My Dad

Posted October 26, 1940 On the Occasion of My Birth

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Letter 1940

From James Flynn to Dr. Charles Giuliano the day after birth of Charles, Jr. on October 25, 1940

Boston, Oct. 26

To My Dear Son Charles,

The Dock 3 am. I have been thinking since you telephoned about everything.

Well you know I was worried this time I can’t tell you why but I was.

Let’s hope everything is O.K. now.

Charles Jr. I hope a doctor sure. Well let’s hope they Boy & Girl are as bad and good as their Farther and Mother. I wouldn’t give a cent for them if they wasent as bad and I know they have a tuff job to bee better.

They have a good Mother and Farther to set the example. What a foundation for two children. All I hope for is their health the carietor will develop as they grow. Missies smartness and two years will bee a great advantage to the boy. An older sister is a great advantage to any boy. Helps to keep them straite.

I hope Joe will take it eaisey now don’t hurry. I am wondering most how Missie will take it. Don’t you and Joe every think anybodys success let temhave the manchons and solutude you have the children. I know where they will be another happy Old Man. To bad someone else couldnt share the happiness with him.

Dock I never visited anybody in my life only you and Joe. I would rather go to 294 Clinton St. than the Worlds Fair. Dock I owe no man in the world only you.

All I ask is my health and a little luck so that I may pay back my appreciation. I won’t die happy until then.

Charles the people at home are more proued of they way I got the suit than they are of the suit itself. The McDevetts thaught it was auftel thoughtful of you. Whitch I was glad to bost about.

Remember me to the Ruffalos. May all your people kiss Joe and Missie for me Charles Jr and God Bless you Charles.

Jim Flynn