An Ode To Cafe Boulud

Writing Poetry on A Menu

By: - Jul 31, 2020

Drinking Don Perignon
Under the willow tree
On the grounds of a gilded age mansion

Seasonal home of Chef Daniel Boulud
The star of stars
Michelin, I mean

Let's celebrate Phil's writing achievements, I said
We will and we are here
In fantasy land
Waiting to be served Sunday Brunch

A warm risotto looking ball appears anonymously on the table
It was from the chef, the server says
I'll bring a second for your lady friend

I give her mine
She smiles like a mermaid under water

Our properly distanced table is inside
I may be sitting in Leonard Bernstein's seat
Or maybe Paul Newman's
Once upon a time
But, today, it's mine

We are given a menu
And remain quiet for awhile
Too many choices for one meal
Maybe we should share

I want smoked salmon with creme fraiche, I say
I'm happy to give you half
That burrata with arugula and sunflower pesto looks good

Let's order
We did
We shared

Something in my head said
Order a bowl of cucumber and avocado vichyssoise
it goes perfectly with Champagne

It did

Overwhelming food
Not the norm for the Berkshires

Get it while you can
Is next Sunday OK?
We can repeat this ritual

A few courses hooked us
It's a one horse pony
Just in town until October

Then what?
Cabin fever and despair

Seize the day
There may be no tomorrow
Cafe Boulud is our escape
No pandemic at Blantyre

The cold soup arrives
Warms us up
I ask for an extra spoon

Take a sip of the champagne first
Follow it with the vichyssoise filled with lobster

What do you think?
To die for, she says

Lets take a break
It feels like halftime

Our server gets the message
You aren't alone
Even the chef needs a few minutes to relax

We are in good company

In due time
Our main course arrives

Fried chicken
Summer bean fricassee
And kale salad for me

And you?
Hanger steak
Sauce au poivre
Sunny side eggs
Pommes anna

Have enough food, I say

After a few bites and a sweet glance
Know we hit the jackpot


Molten lava chocolate cake
A celebratory candle
And two glasses of a vintage tawny port

My lady friend says
We have been to heaven and back
I just nod my head

And smile